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About Company

FoodTronix is a online cloud base POS system specifically designed for restaurants. FoodTronix was developed with the restaurant owner in mind. Functionality, cost efficiency, and dependability are what FoodTronix customers have come to expect.

The Challenges

We started the sprint by interviewing key stakeholders on the team about product goals and the challenges they were facing. It turned out that FoodTronix  had a power-packed product to help restaurants and cloud kitchens manage their catalogue across  variety of food aggregators, check availability across multiple locations, run loads of tasks for any situation that can arise during billing. Unfortunately due two decades old UI design and not modern user centered UX , companies needed daily assistance from FoodTronix’s support team to actually use the product. And that’s precisely the puzzle we stepped in to solve.

Some key challenges that came up were:

The POS system users  was not using the product effectively, and they were shooting support requests for every change required.

Users found the product too confusing and old school and often didn’t even knew about many useful features that already existed.

Due to not having  customer recognition software, users had to spend time calling out a random number which delayed the order deliveries.

Pizzeria or delivery business, rush hour time is waste with caller ID and messing up complicated orders.

A high-traffic bar or nightclub, POS handle many different tabs and orders throughout the night which makes the tracking of tabs and visitors harder


Product Goals

  • Increase User Awareness
  • Making all existing features visible
  • UX/UI Redesign and Build (FoodTronix “2.0”)
  • Increasing speed for order taking
  • Making splitting , combining bills easy 
  • Getting the order and client data and history in real time

The Impacts

  • Restaurant owners and POS personals  loved the new UI version and the mentioned its more intuitive.
  • Mobile and Web UI  version were more aligned
  • All Features were visible instead of hiding  in menus
  • Buyers were happy that now there order is processed much faster 
  • Accuracy in order delivering increased
  • Way less mistakes in orders were noticed

The Process


Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Users:

To gain further insight into users’, We realize counter POS service operations require fast turn-around and an efficient means to get the customer’s order dispatched quickly and accurately

Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Influencers:

When ordering food in groups its very critical to get on your plate what you ordered. As most of the servers are 40+ in age and they had hard time remembering special orders with very specific instructions. 

So it was very important that each person in gathering has order by his name and table number also.

The nest most important thing was splitting and combining bill in group ordering. This mean it can be split in check and split in specific order item as well.


Competitor Analysis:

To design our updated feature set, and evaluate the recommendation functions of competitors and how successful they are and how FoodTronix can design those feature more user centered and faster.


With several  design iterations of the user’s recommendation process to find and land on a flow that was easy to build and fun to use and can increase order processing time. 

We had official POS personals to evaluate the updated designs and give there feedback in robust manner.

All the flows kept same in Embedded POS and handheld device to keep it consistent when servers shift from one system to another.


Discovery Finding & Recommendations

  • Add left menu to jump to different modules of application.
  • Make the bottom navigation module specific so each functionality is visible.
  • Make the restaurant menu more attractive with adding pictures on items.
  • Save each client information in real time. 
  • When receiving order on call POS should detect the caller ID and get the information in Realtime to process order faster.


  • Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Embedded App: User-facing
  • Handheld Device  App: User Facing


The Insights

We realize counter service operations require fast turn-around and an efficient means to get the customer’s order dispatched quickly and accurately.

We understand that as a pizzeria or delivery business, so much time is wasted with caller ID and messing up complicated orders. That’s why our point of sale system design we made make sure it’s easy for POS personal and restaurant employees to get all the details right.

We know as a high-traffic bar or nightclub, you handle many different tabs and orders throughout the night. Instead of making you work harder, we’ve optimized our systems to handle different pricing, tabs, and orders, all while being easy to navigate.

Key Services

UX Audit, ​​Product Strategy, UX Research, Feature Mapping, User Flow Mapping, Information Architecture, UX UI Design, Usability Testing, Concept Testing, Embedded Design, Handheld App Design

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