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During the COVID19 pendemic many people loosed their jobs and source of income so asking loans fro bank in these time was no option as banks we not going to to give it so idea of lebt app poped up. Lebt is a community funds pool app. Where you can sign up with your friends and family or at your workspace and start or be a part of a fund pool for your upcoming of recent expense e.g. rent, car or vacation. We set out to create a brand-new design system to ensure Lebt encompasses best-in-class usability and aesthetics across all corners of the app.

Empathize With Users

The disruption caused by Covid meant many businesses couldn’t operate in the usual way. Many of their employees couldn’t go to work and customers couldn’t buy their products or services.

Some businesses were able to get a loan to pay for overheads like rent so they could keep afloat. And many could sell things online.But others had to cut costs by furloughing their employees or letting them go. They simply could not carry on running their business without an income.

Define the Problem

As a result of COVID19, many people have lost their job or part of their income. It is likely that there will be more job losses in the months to come. So community needed a system to get help or give help to others financially with depending on government, non-profits or insurances.
What we found was that the pandemic has been particularly difficult for women, young peopl,. These groups and people earning less than $50,000 annually are particularly in need of policies that support improved well-being.


Product Goals

  • UX Research 
  • Logo and Branding 
  • Design a customer-facing mobile app

The Impacts

  • Clients loved our designed branding and logo
  • Clients loved our final wireframes of the UI UX design
  • Clients were happy with our timeliness and budget.



The Process


Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Users:

To gain further insight into users’, we had look on surveys that how big was the numerical impact on lifestyle of Covid19 on middle class and lowers middle class community.

When we asked the potential users how is their financial condition 26% of whom responded that they felt they had less control over their lives.

Slightly over half (53%) of our sample indicated that they needed more income.
Thirty percent of people 18-34 years of age and 25% of those earning less than $50,000 also stated a need for better healthcare.

Competitor Analysis:

Before pandemic there were banks, companies (where middle class worked) and other part time opportunities which were helping to get some extra cash. Now due to the  pandemic all options were no more an option so there were no noticeable competitors.

Clickable prototypes:

To enable end user testing before sending app to developers.


Several design iterations of the user’s recommendation process to find and land on a flow that was easy to build and fun to use. We created prototypes after 2 months of evaluating and adressing users problems and needs and can up with this final design for Lebt App. Which is now under development.


Discovery Finding & Recommendations

  • Build “Trust” by having your friends and family in Lebt Funds Pool.
  • Having escrow strong enough so payments go to right person on right time.
  • Keep the number transparent.
  • Clear introduction of why Pools are being created.



  • Design System
  • Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Mobile App: User-facing

The Challenges

As Lebt was first application of this kind in market it was very crucial that the app is to the point and easy to use. 

Biggest challenge was to set up invitations as easily as possible and share the pool with friends and family through social groups.

During surveys we realised everyone want to have the funds before but that was not practically possible so we had to come up with solution that all members agree on who is going to get next withdrawl.


The Insights

Idea for lebt was to enable indivisuals to get help from community. But in the initial phases whe realised that a major portion of sample wanted to join Lebt to help the community in these crises.  

We did not had the chance to check that how many of those actually signed up because we could not get another set of data after launch.

Key Services

User Flow Mapping, Proof of concept ,UX Research, Feature Mapping, Information Architecture, UX Design, UI Design, Web Design, App Design, Interactive Prototypes.

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