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About Company

ARYA is a complete ecosystem, dedicated to support and education on the financial markets.

From the development of algorithmic solutions to the popularization of the economy and the world of finance, everything is designed to educate you, protect you and revolutionize your finances.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced and whatever your investment horizon, ARYA is made for you.

Product Goals

  • Increase Userbase
  • Increase Screen Time and General Engagement
  • Gamification
  • UX/UI Redesign and Build (ARYA “2.0”)
  • Design a customer-facing mobile app

The Impacts

  • Endusers loved the new UI version and the mentioned its more intuitive.
  • New Mobile and Web version were more aligned
  • Screen time increased by 27%

The Process


Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Users:

To gain further insight into users’, and trading habits, and gauge their trust levels and pain points when making a trade or or ending a trade.

Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Influencers:

 To understand how influencer currently try to build trust with their followers, how the interact and what is their preferred mode of communication.

Competitor Analysis:

To inform an initial feature set, and evaluate the recommendation functions of competitors and how successful they are and how ARYA can make those feature more user centered.

Clickable prototypes:

To enable end user testing before sending app to developers.


Several design iterations of the user’s recommendation process to find and land on a flow that was easy to build and fun to use and can increase screen time.


Discovery Finding & Recommendations

  • Add scores for influencers to build “trust”
  • Show users specific sellers based on search and machine learning.
  • Have several filters to narrow down content to show more relatable content
  • Have enough data and content for users to find the platform informative.


  • Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Mobile App: User-facing
  • Web App: User Facing

The Challenges

Biggest challenge was to make influencers able to edit posted content and also making users able to notice that content is changed or manipulated from original forms to keep it fair.

While the new ARYA flow and UI/UX  itself was intuitive and quick for users, the technical challenge was always where to remove the previously built design elements and totally reskinning the menus and tabs.

This was exacerbated by the fact that a influencer can be biased to some industries and brands and which can put the trust level in content placed at  ARYA platform. After many iterations, we found success with a simple flow that allowed users to tell a story with their recommendations but relied on them to optionally fill in some information gaps. While designing all this we successfully rated all the content to maintain the trust level.

The Insights

We realized during our surveys that many user prefer shorter length of content and interact better.

While influencers tend to change the posted content as market changes.

On the other hand the main target audience (GenZ and Millennials) are very enthusiastic about ARYA and they were confident that it will help their busiTrading.

Key Services

UX Audit, ​​Product Strategy, UX Research, Feature Mapping, User Flow Mapping, Information Architecture, UX UI Design, Usability Testing, Concept Testing, Responsive Web Design, App Design, Interactive Clickable Prototypes.

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